Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Juan Luis Guirado's Racing Lermeño, 13 games and only 2 loses.

MATH REPORT: Juan Luis Guirado/Racing Lermeño/Tercera Division, Group 8, Spain(4th tier)

Feb 18 2012  Íscar  2-0  Racing Lermeño

KEVIN INGRESO promoted from Hamburger SV(U19) to Hamburger SV II

MATCH REPORT: Kevin Ingreso/Hamburger SV II/Regionalliga Nord, Germany(4th Tier)

Feb 18 2012  Holstein Kiel  3-1  Hamburger SV II

JEFFREY CHRISTIAENS back on the pitch for KM Torhout!

MATCH REPORT: Jeffrey Christiaens/KM Torhout/Third Division League, Group A, Belgium(3rd tier)

Feb 19 2012 Heppignies-Lambusart  2-2  Torhout

Sunday, February 19, 2012

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