Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good news for Roland Müller bad news for Azkals fans and new team pics for Stephan Schröck

It's official, the 24 year old Roland Müller is the number two goal keeper for 2.Bundesliga outfit MSV Duisburg. From an interview, assistant coach Sven Beukhert has commented that Müller will be number two keeper after starting goal keeper Felix Weidwald. The 22 year old phenom was a great surprise for the Zebras last season and was voted by fans as best goal keeper of the entire 2.Bundesliga and also MSV Duisburg's player of the season. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 IN-SEASON REPORT: Chris & Simon Greatwich and the Morris County Colonials

KNOCKING ON "PLAYOFF'S" DOOR. The Morris County Colonials are an American soccer team in the NPSL playing in the Northeast - Keystone Conference. They sit in the 4th tier of the American soccer pyramid. Veteran Azkal midfielder Christopher Greatwich is a first year head coach and player of the team(he coached the youth teams last season), his younger brother Simon is also on the teams roster.

PRESEASON RUMBLINGS: Mulders, Cagara, Lucena & More!

Paul Mulders:
ADO Den Haag. Monday was the official start of ADO's training camp and Azkal "Dream Teamer" Paul Mulders suited up for camp. See picture above.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 IN-SEASON REPORT: Ray Jónsson & UMF Grindavík

DEAD LAST is where 33yo Ray Jónsson's UMF Grindavík currently finds itself. In the 2011 campaign season Grindavík saved itself in the very last game of the season when they defeated ÍBV to finish 10th in the 12 team Úrvalsdeild(Icelands premier football league) the 2012 season might be different and for the worst.