Monday, June 4, 2012


The Red and Whites in better days
Its a little less than a full day for our next scheduled friendly and once again I am feeling giddy like a little boy in a candy store. For the Filipino soccer fan, there is a lot to be happy about this match. One of them is a chance to avenge the double losses against Indonesia at the tail end of 2010. It was to be one home and one away game but since the previous PFF "leadership" decided not to invest in a FIFA acceptable pitch, the Philippine home game was instead played in the very hostile pitch in Indonesia. We lost both game 1 to 0. I've often wondered if we had played in Rizal, would we have lost 1 to 0 too?

Sunday, June 3, 2012


So we tied Malaysia IN Malaysia and proved to the South East Asian elite that we are for real. I believe it was a great result considering almost half of our starting XI had less that a week to train with the team. We also faced the best crew that Malaysia could offer with the exception of one or two players. But there are so many things we could yet improve on as it seemed that for most of the game, we still relied on individual talent rather than team play. Here is how I saw the Azkals starting XI play.