Monday, November 14, 2011

MATCH REPORT: Patrick Hinrichsen/SV Darmstadt 98 II/Verbansliga Group Süd(South), Germany(6th Tier)

Clue? What clue? I don't have any clue!!  *
Nov 13 2011 SV Darmstadt 98 II  4-2  FC Ober-Rosbach

Patrick Hinrichsen's Verbansliga team Darmstadt 98 II won a convincing victory at home as it attempts to climb up the rankings table. As if a portent for things to come, the home team scored first at an early 10 minutes. The visiting team meanwhile, would score at the 33rd to end the first half with a 1-1 tie.

MATCH REPORT: Jeffrey Christiaens/KM Torhout/Third Division League, Group A, Belgium(3rd tier)

Nov 13 2011 Olsa Brakel  2-1  Torhout

Jeffrey's KM Torhout is defeated in an away game and continues to slide down the rankings. The first half was characterized by a number of attempts on goal by the visiting KM Torhout but with no good results.

MATCH REPORT: Manny Ott/Ingolstadt II/Regionalliga Sud(south), Germany(4th Tier)

Nov 12 2011 Karlsruher SC II  1-2  Ingolstadt II
Manny Ott's young Schanzer's continue on its mini winning streak as they beat Karlsruher at an away game. The home team struck first at an early 17th minute and would hold the lead for almost the entire game. At the half, the score was 0-1 for the home team.

MATCH REPORT: Carli de Murga/Racing Portuense/Tercera Division, Spain(4th Tier)

Nov 13 2011 Algeciras  2-1  Racing Portuense

It is the same old story for Carli's RCP, a failure to win close games, as they suffer defeat against home team, Algeciras. Due to the absence of their starting RB in Carli and a few others starters, the team just did not have the needed finishing touch. The 1st half was played to a draw, though on offense RCP was already showing its offensive shortcomings.

MATCH REPORT: Mark Drinkuth/DJK Agon 08 Dü-dorf/Bezirksliga Group 1, Germany(8th Tier)

Sturmer=offensive player
Nov 13 2011  DJK Agon 08 Dü-dorf  1-2  SG Benrath-Hassels

Mark's DJK Agon suffers a setback as it loses at home against now 12th place SG Benrath-Hassels. DJK Agon, a powerhouse in this league gives up 3 points yet luckily climbs up to 3rd place in the standings. Without perennial starter Mark Drinkuth, Agon struggled to find the back of the net in this game. Coming into the end of the 1st half, Agon was already down one goal to nil.

MATCH REPORT: Rob Gier/Ascot United/Uhlsport Premier League, United Kingdom(9th tier)

Rob with a real coach... *
Nov 12 2011 Ascot United  6-3  Holyport

Rob's Ascot United has an offensive outburst as they beat back league rivals Holyport. Ascot led 1-0 as early as the second minute yet reverted to its old self when at the end of the half they were down 1-2.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another loss, another Wiking rant

Successful coach and a...
You know guys, those who have seen my post can never say I'm rabid anti, "this coach" and I'm still not. But we can certainly agree for this series of games: