Friday, June 22, 2012

DENNIS CAGARA'S Karlsruher SC vs Dynamo Kiev watch it on live streaming

Got nothing to do on a late Saturday night? Watch Karlsruher SC and Dennis Cagara as they play a friendly against storied Soviet and later Ukrainian Premier League team FC Dynamo Kiev.

Watch it here:

The game is Saturday 23rd at 18:00 CET

2011/2012 END of SEASON report: Mark Drinkuth and DJK Agon 08

Mark top right standing
LATE SEASON MELTDOWN! Mark Drinkuths DJK Agon 08 started the season well, flirting with the top five teams in the Niederrhein Bezirkliga(8th tier). As the season progressed the team lost its focus and as could be seen by its last few games, deserve the middling ranking it has now. 

BREAKING NEWS! Jerry Lucena moves to new SuperLiga team Esbjerg fB

An undisputed member of the Philippine national football team "Dream Team", Jerry Lucena, last of Danish premier league team AGF Aarhus has signed a 2 year contract with newly promoted team Esbjerg fB. Jerry had a contract with AGF until June 30 2013 yet was allowed to sign with Esbjerg fB. The 31 yo right back has been with AGF Aarhus for 5 years and has played over 150 games for them.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

2011/12 END of SEASON report: Oliver Pötschke and BFC Preussen Berlin

Oliver, kneeling second from left

RELEGATION! The once proud team of Oliver Pötschke finally succumbs to the inevitable as BFC Preussen Berlin 1894 e.V. after struggling for two straight seasons, is relegated from the Berlin-Liga(6th tier) to the Landesliga Berlin(7th tier).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DENNIS CAGARA back on the saddle with Karlsruher SC!

Dennis at left

Philippine international football player and one of the very best of the Azkals has finally found a new club. After a very bad injury a few years ago, he has bounced around with 6 month contracts between Danish and German clubs. After his mother passed away early this year, a once promising stint with 2.Bundesliga club FSV Frankfurt fizzled leading to his release. Finally he has signed a long term contract with 3.Liga(3rd tier) German team, Karlsruher SC. 

Note that Karlsruher SC was recently relegated from the 2.Bundesliga in the 2011/2012 season and are determined to fight its way back to where they belong!