Friday, November 8, 2013

Armchair General! The Philippines vs UAE prematch chat

The UAE team
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As preparation for my "Armchair Generalship"  for the UAE match I watched a few games, among them the 2012 match vs Bahrain, Kuwait, the DPRK(North Korea) then ending with both games of our PFPC 2013 match(to see our teams new tendecies, strengths and weakness. In this write up I"ll be focusing more on the game versus, Kuwait and Bahrain for the simple reason that they are a similar middle eastern team with a high ranking differential with us and, against DPRK because in recent years they ARE the highest ranking team we've ever played.

Prior to the game against Bahrain and Kuwait, an interview was taken by an Azkal defender and said in a nutshell that; they will NOT play very defensive as they want to know where they stand in the game itself and if we bunch this statement up with Weiss' oft stated wish to turn the Azkals into an offensive machine it is perhaps no surprise that taken as a whole the team did just that. For better or worse no more "parking the bus" for these Hans Michael Weiss led Azkals.

Below are the initial starting lineups. The only differences are some starters were not included either because of injury, fitness issues due to a previous injury or in the case of the Younghusbands in the middle east tour, disciplinary in nature. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2012 Azkal goals and other stuff

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* Ok sorry I'm almost a year late but here it is anyway. Who scored when and where and who assisted, goal keepers who blocked penalty kicks in 2012 etc!

February 29 2012
FIFA Friendly
Rizal Memorial Stadium/ Philippines 1-1 Malaysia
1)Wolf, Denis 33:44 - Assist from a Jason Sabio throw-in(1st International goal).

Denis Wolf - 1st International Cap
Juani Guirado - 1st International Cap.

Challenge Cup 2012
Kathmandu, Nepal

March 9 2012
Philippines 0-2 Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea(North Korea)

Etheridge, Neil - Blocked a penalty kick.

March 11 2012
Philippines 2-0 India
1)Younghusband, Phil 10:00 - Assist, James Younghusband from a Sabio long throw-in(19th international goal).
2)Younghusband, Phil 72:31 - Assist, James Younghusband(20th international goal).