Thursday, January 12, 2012

DENIS WOLF arrives in Manila on Monday to train with the Azkals !

Denis Wolf
Nationality: Germany
Date of birth: 15 January 1983
Age: 28
Country of birth: Germany
Place of birth: Grasdorf
Position: Attacker
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Foot: Right

A few days ago a cohort at my favorite watering hole (usapangfootball) posted a Jan 8 2012 news article about the Weiss' thoughts about the LA Galaxy exhibition match and the upcoming Challenge Cup, arguably the most important tourney the Philippines will be competing in for the year 2012. The last paragraph said:

"Weiss also revealed that Dennis Wolf, an experienced Fil-German midfielder, has expressed his desire to join the squad."

So who is Denis Wolf and why did I spell his name wrong? 

Here is some career facts I lifted from UF*:

Wolf started as a youth at Germania Grasdorf and then moved to Hanover 96 in 2001. After playing for the youth team, he mainly played for the reserve side in the Oberliga. In 2003, he managed to break into the first team making four appearances and scored one goal in the Bundesliga within the first half of the 2003–04 season.
In early June 2005, Wolf joined Fortuna Düsseldorf on loan for the 2005–06 season, after only four season with Hannover. He would end up signing for the club permanently in July 2006.
He then moved to rivals FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt for the 2007–08 season. He spent two season with the club being a regular, making 56 appearances and scoring 12 goals. He eventually moved to 1. FC Magdeburg in 2009.
However, in August 2009, he underwent knee surgery which kept him out until December. He made his debut for Magdeburg on 14 February 2010 against Türkiyemspor Berlin, but was substituted after only 15 minutes.**

In summary his recent career/accomplishments for the 2008/2009 season he was a member of 3.Liga team(3rd tier) FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt where he would have 28 appearances and 3 goals as an offensive player. After suffering a knee injury and the following surgery he would return to the pitch with new team 1.FC Magdeburg. It was a demotion of sorts a he would now be in the lower tier Regionalliga Nord(4th tier). For comparison Manny Ott plays in the Regionalliga Sud.

His career with Magdeburg started slowly as in 2009/2010, just a few months from his knee injury, he was able to play again in 9 games and even score 3 goals in his first season back. Undoubtedly his best season was in the 2010/2011 season where he regained his form and became a regular starter once again. He had 32 appearances with 28 as starter and had 9 goals. This season he is in a slump of sorts. With 17 games played with 14 as a starter. He has so far been blanked in the score sheet. Magdeburg is still on their Christmas/winter break and will resume play in the 19th of January. At this time they are 15th out of 18 teams in the Regionalliga Nord. With 17 games played, they have only scored 13 times! Their defense is quite good, surrendering only 18 goals.

As a starting forward he has been ineffective of late. A move to another position or the bench could be in the works for Denis soon OR he could recover from his current slump and regain last years form.

Hopefully we can see him take the pitch for the Philippine NT. At least we would have a seasoned/veteran player in hand. Minus the slump of course.

So why did I spell Denis' name "wrong"? Silly rabbit, that's how the Germans spell it!

LOL less than an hour ago(when I finished the blog) guess what I saw?

acebright twitter: "Fil-german footballer Denis Wolf of 1.FC Magdeburg will be in Manila on monday to join the @PHI_Azkals training."




  1. Does he have a twitter or an FB acc??? (^^,)

  2. haha sorry I don't know at this time.

  3. Lets give this guy a chance with our NT and see how he does. Just hoping his health is in top shape and doesn't get injured again. I'm also hoping for a solid starting 11. Go Azkals!

  4. I hope the Azkals would recruit guys that are experienced not just guys who are fil-foreigners who plays football.

  5. they're not just fil-for who play football.Compare to the experienced players here, they're way better because of the level of football in their respective countries.Look at the aging players here their exp were just the same of the 3rd or lower tier football of other countries. And the bad thing is that they had develop the culture of all force and no brain style of playing they are still stuck at the old age like barrio liga.

  6. seen him play in azkals vs al ahli..He plays good and made his first goal as an azkal in that game.

  7. you can follow denis wolf @DenisSantosWolf his twitter acct

  8. Will Denis Wolf play for the Azkals in the up coming Suzuki Cup this 2012?

  9. He hasn't committed yet but he has said he will be back in June. If the Independence Cup happens, it might be around this time(?)

  10. Will Denise Wolf play for the Azkals this June for their friendly matches? I'm sure he'll be a great help, for Phil and James cannot play. Well, what about on the 2012 Suzuki Cup,will he play?

  11. Denis should be coming down for the June games, nothing yet for the Suzuki Cup

    1. Is he officially an Azkal member?

  12. I would think so, he has already played in an official FIFA friendly where he scored once in that draw with SEA champs, Malaysia. He is, or within today will arrive in the Philippines to participate in training camp and all 3 friendlies with the Azkals in June

  13. can you allowed fans to get picture of azkal