Saturday, March 31, 2012

LEIGH GUNN and Fraser Park FC wins season opener!

Leigh is top right standing(sorry for the blurry pic)
MATCH REPORT: Leigh James Gunn/Fraser Park FC/NSW Super League Div1/Australia(3rd tier)

Mar 24 2012  Fraser Park FC  3-2  St George FC

JEFFREY CHRISTIAENS' KM Torhout climbing up the rankings!

MATCH UPDATE: Jeffrey Christiaens/KM Torhout/Third Division League, Group A, Belgium(3rd tier)

Mar 25 2012  Ronse  0-5  Torhout

TEAM UPDATE: Juan Luis Guirado's Racing Lermeño

TEAM UPDATE: Juan Luis Guirado/Racing Lermeño/Tercera Division, Group 8, Spain(4th tier)

Mar 19 2012  Bembibre  5-0  Racing Lermeño
Mar 25 2012  Racing Lermeño  0-0  Villaralbo

Monday, March 26, 2012

Stephan Schröck's SpVgg Greuther Fürth, alone on top!

TEAM UPDATE: Stephan Schröck/SpVgg Greuther Fürth/2.Bundesliga, Germany(2nd Tier)

Mar 24 2012  Greuther Fürth  3-0  Karlsruher SC


MATCH REPORT: Dennis Cagara/FSV Frankfurt/2.Bundesliga, Germany(2nd Tier)

Mar 24 2012  FSV Frankfurt  2-1  Alemannia Aachen

PAUL MULDERS' ADO DEN HAAG earns a draw against top team Twente!

MATCH REPORT: Paul Mulders/ADO Den Haag/Eredivisie, Netherlands(1st Tier)

Mar 25 2012  ADO Den Haag  1-1  Twente

JERRY LUCENA is back in the starting XI for AGF Aarhus

TEAM UPDATE: Jerry Lucena/AGF Aarhus/Superliga, Denmark(1st Tier)

Mar 27 2012  Midtjylland  0-2  AGF

MANNY OTT'S Ingolstadt II in a 2 game losing streak.

MATCH REPORT: Manny Ott/Ingolstadt II/Regionalliga Sud(south), Germany(4th Tier)

Mar 24 2012  Ingolstadt II  1-2  1860 München II

DENIS WOLF'S 1.FC Magdeburg in a freefall!

Denis going for a header vs BAK 07
MATCH REPORT: Denis Wolf/1.FC Magdeburg/Regionalliga Nord, Germany(4th tier)

Mar 25 2012 Magdeburg  1-2  BAK '07

Oliver Pötschke scores for BFC Preussen Berlin!

credit to the owner of the pic
TEAM UPDATE: Oliver Pötschke/BFC Preussen Berlin/Berlin-Liga, Germany(6th Tier)

Mar 21 2012  BFC Preussen  4-3  Tennis Borussia Berlin
Mar 25 2012  BFC Preussen  2-1  Frohnauer SC

MARK DRINKUTH'S DJK Agon 08 hits a bump on the road.

pic from Mark D's twitter
MATCH REPORT: Mark Drinkuth/DJK Agon 08 Dü-dorf/Bezirksliga Group 1, Germany(8th Tier)

Mar 25 2012  TV Kalkum-Wittlaer  1-0  DJK Agon 08

SV Darmstadt 98 II earns a point while PATRICK HINRICHSEN sees more pitch time!

MATCH REPORT: Patrick Hinrichsen/SV Darmstadt 98 II/Verbansliga Group Süd(South), Germany(6th Tier)

Mar 25 2012  SV Darmstadt 98 II  2-2  Usinger TSG

Roland Müller's MSV Duisburg II dominating the NRW Liga!

MATCH REPORT: Roland Müller/MSV Duisburg II/NRW Oberliga, Germany(5th Tier)

Mar 25 2012  MSV Duisburg II  1-0  Schwarz-Weiß Essen

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