Saturday, February 4, 2012

FULHAM defeated by Manchester City as NEIL ETHERIDGE is moved to 3rd goal keeper

MATCH REPORT: Neil Etheridge/Fulham FC/Barclay's Premier League, UK(1st Tier)

Feb 5 2012 Manchester City  3-0  Fulham

AZKAL roster for UAE training camp

Azkal roster

JASON DE JONG'S FC Dordrecht youth team in a rare win!
MATCH REPORT: Jason De Jong/Jong FC Dordrecht(or youth/reserve), Netherlands(youth league)

Jan 30 2012 Jong FC Dordrecht  3-2  Jong NAC Breda

Stephan Schröck, back on the pitch with SpVgg Greuther Fürth

MATCH REPORT: Stephan Schröck/SpVgg Greuther Fürth/2.Bundesliga, Germany(2nd Tier)

Feb 4 2012 Dynamo Dresden  3-1  Greuther Fürth

NEIL ETHERIDGE'S Fulham draws home game against West Brom

MATCH REPORT: Neil Etheridge/Fulham FC/Barclay's Premier League, UK(1st Tier)

Feb 2 2012 Fulham  1-1  West Bromwich Albion

DENNIS CAGARA'S FSV Frankfurt wins first game of the season!

New player Ilian Micanski scores brace(2nd from left)
MATCH REPORT: Dennis Cagara/FSV Frankfurt/2.Bundesliga, Germany(2nd Tier)

Feb 4 2012 MSV Duisburg  1-2  FSV Frankfurt

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

AFF SUZUKI CUP 2010 Part 2. Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar


The first match between powerhouse Singapore. After the match there were rumors that some in the Singaporean team were "up late" and "tired" apparently overlooking the Philippine team. Final score a 1-1 tie. But a moral victory for the upstart Philippine team.

AFF SUZUKI CUP 2010 Part 1 Timor Leste, Laos, Cambodia

The first win was against Timor Leste. The beginning. Ian Araneta shined the brightest in this match leaving with a hat trick.

Stephen Schröck back from injury!

Stephen Schröck, arguably one of the most important cog of SpVgg Greuther Fürth has returned ahead of schedule. Stephans injury  recently diagnosed as periostitis has been bothering the cloverleaf midfielder since late last year. Minor surgery was done to the affected area before a holiday at the Maldives and the toe was said to be fine. Unfortunately, a day into training camp, which was held in Turkey, the injured toe surprisingly flared up again. Stephan was immediately sent back to Germany for further medical evaluation.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FSV Frankfurt signs Dennis Cagara for 6 months...

Dennis Cagara in the training camp of the FSV Frankfurt to Mallorca. Photo: Huebner / Lau

OFF SEASON REPORT: Neil Etheridge, Ray Jónsson, Jerry Lucena, Denis Wolf and Stephan Schröck

Monday night, Neil Etheridge was chosen to start for the Fulham reserve team against the Wolverhampton Wanderers reserve. In what was said to be a very very cold night, the visiting Fulham team scored a 71st minute goal to make it 1-0 for the visitors. The goal scorer was an 18-year-old, Buomesca Tue Na Bangna a former Chelsea youth player who was once a U17 player for Portugal.

BREAKING NEWS! DENNIS CAGARA signs with 2.Bundesliga club!

Erstwhile Superliga player, Philippine fan girls(and gays) heartthrob has just been signed by 2.Bundesliga club FSV Frankfurt. From Dennis' Facebook fan site a message has appeared, about an hour from this blog post:

Monday, January 30, 2012

PAUL MULDERS in starting XI with ADO's youth team win.

Paul Mulders was again with the ADO Den Haag youth team in their white knuckled match against a very feisty Heerenveen youth team. They would eventually win the back-and-forth match, four goals to three. Despite being in the game roster for the senior team a day ago in the 2-0 loss to NEC, Paul was again in the game roster for this youth fixture but this time he was in the starting XI and wound up finishing the entire match.

JACQUES VAN BOSSCHE released by Belgian club for the Hassanal Bolkiah Tournament

Jacques Van Bossche the young SEAG standout has been released by his Belgian Division 2 League team Standaard Wetteren where he is part of the reserve/youth team. There has also been information that he may arrive in the Philippines on or around Feb 14th. Angelo Verheye, another young Belgian player who came to the Philippines for the SEAG yet was not able to participate in the said games because of passport issues(even though he was born in the Philippines) will be coming with Jacques. Jeffrey Christiaens was also suppose to be a part of the Belgian contingent for the HBT but was recently injured in a league game loss.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

NEIL ETHERIDGE'S Fulham beats Newcastle United but falls in the FA Cup.

MATCH REPORT: Neil Etheridge/Fulham FC/Barclay's Premier League, UK(1st Tier)

Jan 21 2012(League fixture) Fulham  5-2  Newcastle United
Jan 28 2012(FA Cup) Everton  2-1  Fulham

DENIS WOLF and 1.FC Magdeburg in a snowy friendly against MSV 90 Prussia

Denis against MSV 90 Prussia in a friendly
MATCH REPORT: Denis Wolf/1.FC Magdeburg/Regionalliga Nord, Germany(4th tier)

Jan 29 2012(friendly) MSV 90 Prussia  0-0  1.FC Magdeburg

PAUL MULDERS back with the first team against NEC(but did not play)

MATCH REPORT: Paul Mulders/ADO Den Haag/Eredivisie, Netherlands(1st Tier)

Jan 29 2012 NEC  2-0  ADO Den Haag

Oliver Pötschke's BFC Preussen Berlin makes it two in a row!

credit to the owner of the photo
MATCH REPORT: Oliver Pötschke/BFC Preussen Berlin/Berlinliga, Germany(6th Tier)

Jan 29 2012 FC Hertha 03  2-1  BFC Preussen

JAMES LEIGH GUNN and Fraser Park FC back in pre season action!

Pic from Fritz Dalida 2011
MATCH REPORT: James Leigh Gunn/Fraser Park FC/NSW Super League Div1/Australia(3rd tier)

Jan 30 2012 Fraser Park FC  6-0  Belmore Hercules

Azkals UAE training camp schedule

Azkals VS Uzbekistan
11 Feb 8pm Dubai

Azkals vs Al Ahli SC
13 Feb 7:30pm Doha, Qatar

Azkals vs Qantas Australia U23
16 Feb 8pm Dubai

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