Monday, May 21, 2012

Meet ANTONIO UGARTE, a UFL prospect and Azkal hopeful

Antonio Ugarte
Born: San Francisco(Daly City), Ca
 Hometown: Danville, Ca
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150lbs
Position: Forward

Meet Antonio Ugarte. A star player for San Francisco State University who has recently graduated. In his own words: "After researching the UFL and seeing how it is developing and growing into a great looking league, it looks like a great opportunity and something I would want to pursue. I know if given the chance I can play on a team in the UFL." 

Antonio first reached out to us in the website asking for help for an introduction to the powers that be in the UFL. After a long delay(yes, my fault) finally here it is:

Antonio is half Filipino, his dad being born in Makati and his mom in the States. His parents are Jeanette and Carlos Ugarte and brother of Nikki and Marissa. By the time you read this blog, he should have received his dual citizenship and a Philippine passport ready. 

He has also mentioned missing the previous open tryouts in Daly City, Ca held by Ali Borromeo and Anton del Rosario, which he wanted too attend, but could not attend because of a spring league game that time.

Antonio's High School credentials are quite impressive.  
Attended San Ramon Valley High School, graduating in 2008
Antonio was 1st team All League both Junior and Senior year. 
He led his team to the East Bay Athletic League title. 
Scored 35 goals in 3 years on varsity and 1st team all-league his junior and senior year.
1 of top 3 scorers in his high schools history and was coached under Lothar Osiander who eventually coached the LA Galaxy and the SJ Earthquakes.
He was actively recruited by Irvine and Villanova but chose SFSU instead. 
Below are his extensive collegiate credentials, and oh, did I mention he's a Student-Athlete Honor Roll awardee too?

San Francisco State University stats

2011:   Team Captain; Started in all 18 games. Scored 1 goal. 
2010: Started in all 18 games. Scored four goals and had three assists including two game-winning goals (2-1 OT win over Holy Names and 1-0 win at No. 8 CSUSB. 
2009: Scored four goals including the game-winner in the Gators’ 3-0 win over Humboldt State. 
2008: Saw action in all 20 matches. Tied for team lead with 5 goals scored and was second with 11 points as he recorded an assist. Was 1 for 1 in penalty kicks.

In case you're wondering if the info is true or made up, welcome to his SFSU team page: 

Its not just his pedigree from high school and college that one should look at. It turns out that Antonio has family members who were part of the Philippine national team way back! Again, in his own words: "My abuelito Emilio Ugarte played in the 30's or 40's I believe for La Salle then for the national team. My Tito Emil played for La Salle as well. From what I hear he only received one or two caps from the national team before playing for University of San Francisco under Neguesco. All of my family members went to La Salle as far as I know. My Tito Emil also played under Cutillas so I can maybe talk to him about that. But playing in the UFL would be awesome! I will look into that." Apparently it runs in the family!

He has also played a few games with the Bay Area Ambassadors, an NPSL league team and 4th tier of the American soccer pyramid. This team has had some good players in its roster including Demetrius Omphroy(Antonio and Demit missed each other by a year or so) and former Azkal capper, Gino Pavone. 

In case one would think Antonio isn't serious, he also made a short video of himself in action. You be the judge.

So make no mistake, the kid is serious. How serious? He'll be in the Philippines come September or October. And, for any UFL team in need of a young gun, an offensive playmaker who is deathly serious about a soccer career and willing to put everything on the line, Antonio Ugarte is your man. Please email or leave a comment below if you are a UFL team representative and is willing to give the young man a chance. I will keep your post private.

Update: Antonio has a tryout with Kaya FC and is happy to, for any other UFL team who is interested.

A few moments after posting this blog Jaron Genota, a friend, informed me through twitter that Emilio Ugarte happens to ba a DLSU Hall of Famer. Wouldn't you know! 


  1. Wiking,

    Can't he come earlier? Maybe he can tryout for the U-22 team to the AFC if he is still age eligible.

  2. Unfortunately, it is impossible at this time. Come Sept/Oct he will be in the Philippines and by that time if given a chance with a UFL team, he would be able to "permanently" base himself there. I know for a fact the U22 team is adamant about player availability/continuity up until the U22 becomes the U23 team. Maybe when Antonio is offered a contract to play in the UFL someone with foresight will take a look at him for the U teams then. Also, his priority is to play in the league before anything else after that everything else is gravy on top!

  3. If he is playing consistently overseas or does indeed come and play in the UFL he could be one to watch in the near future for the SEA Games next year.

    I believe there is moves afoot for the AZKALS to be in a camp in america later this year so he could be invited to join them and show his credentials there

    1. Hello,

      Great idea, I will inform Antonio about it. The thing that concerns me though is that he does not want to give the impression that all he wants to do is play with the Azkals, he really does want to pursue a career in the UFL. Thanks for the heads up though, maybe the national team management wouldn't mind seeing him in the States anyway(training camp in Chicago, Ill?). I'll let him know asap.

      Btw, I love your blog, especially Loyolas Singapore trip!

  4. Added fire power and talent for the UFL and Azkals in time.

  5. He is arriving on Aug 25. Got some tryouts lined up but just in case he is still available for other teams.

  6. slight chance for GAU to get him. Eh Dahil sa Lolo niya eh.