Saturday, November 5, 2011

TEAM REPORT: Simon Greatwich/Hartwick College NCAA Div 1 (USA)

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Nov 5 2011  Hartwick Hawks  1-2  Northern Illinois

Simon's Hawks ended their playoff hopes with a loss at home with nationally ranked Northern Illinois. The Hawks are now out of playoff contention in the MAC or Mid American Conference.

MATCH REPORT: Rob Gier/Ascot United/Uhlsport Premier League, United Kingdom(9th tier)

RG with Grays Athletics kit
Nov 5 2011  Wantage Town  0-1  Ascot United

its been ten days since Ascot U has won a match, previously embarrassed at home and losing 0-4, they fight back and finally win a league game. More importantly, they win a very important away game.

MATCH REPORT: Stephan Schröck/SpVgg Greuther Fürth/2.Bundesliga, Germany(2nd Tier)

In NT kit
Nov 5 2011 St. Pauli  2-2  Greuther Fürth

Stephan's Cloverleafs played an away game against a tough St. Pauli team and gets a draw. Though Greuther Fürth was the away team they nevertheless were the first team to score in the first half at a very late 44th minute. The end of the half had them leading 0-1.

MATCH REPORT: Angelo Verheye/KAA Gent/Pro League, Belgium(1st Tier)

Nov 5 2011  Gent  6-2  Mechelen

Angelo Verheye's KAA Gent continues its dominant showing in the Belgian premier league as it crushes Mechelen in a home game. The first half did not begin well for Mechelen as an Own Goal at the 19th minute gave the home team a 1-0 advantage. Though overmatched, Mechelen held on to a 0-1 deficit at the end of the first half.

Friday, November 4, 2011

MATCH REPORT: Patrick Hinrichsen/SV Darmstadt 98 II/Verbansliga Group Süd(South), Germany(6th Tier)

As a member of the senior team, Suzuki Cup 2010
Nov 4 2011  KSV Klein-Karben  3-1  SV Darmstadt 98 II

Patrick Hinrichsen team continues to slide through the rankings as they lose an away game against  KSV Klein-Karben. Although SVD scored first at the 42nd minute. They allowed the home team a score on two minutes later, 1-1 at the end of the 1st half.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

MATCH REPORT: Neil Etheridge/Fulham FC/Barclay's Premier League, UK(1st Tier)

AJ scores a brace!
Nov 4 2011  Fulham  4-1  Wisła Kraków

Neil's Fulham team plays at the Cottage and thoroughly outclassed the 4th ranked Polish premier league team Wisła Kraków. Fulham did not waste any time as it scored 5 minutes from the start of the fixture. Though the opponent scored at the 9th minute when Fulham got careless in the midfield area thus allowing the goal. Another goal at the 30th minute closed the scoring for the first half. Fulham two, opponent 1.

TEAM REPORT: Simon Greatwich/Hartwick College NCAA Div 1 (USA)

Simon in Hawks' kit, he now wears # 10
Nov 2 2011  Buffalo Bulls  1-1  Hartwick Hawks

Simon Greatwich and his Hawks played the Bulls to a disappointing draw. Yes it was an away game and escaping with a point is better than no points at all but by all accounts, the Hawks let this game get away from them. It has been the third tie in as many games for the Hawks.

Anyone ever kick you in the balls before?!

Well that's how I feel when my Azkals(or U23 team) lose a fixture. To be fair the Vietnamese team were awesome, I'd be an ass if I didn't say so. Kudos to the players and the coach for their preparation and tactical approach to this game. Dare I say, the Vietnamese played football beautifully in defeating my young Azkals.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Juan Luis Guirado, one step to becoming the newest Azkal.

I'm not sure, but he's just gotten his Philippine passport so this is a good sign. Now lets pretend he WILL make it to the Cup game: He will miss a few games(Tercera div.), 3 to be precise, if he stays through out the duration of the AFC Challenge Cup. I know that coach Weiss is a stickler for match fitness and this isn't something we have to worry about with Juani as he will be coming straight from the middle of his teams Tercera division campaign. Lastly, it's probably good he comes to the Philippines soon because with the way his team is playing they might be relegated after their season ends in May 2012. Today, they are 20th in their 21 team division, YIKES!!

Juani in the Phil Embassy Spain. Pic from Azkalminator, Thanks!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Attention UFL! Open up your wallets James Leigh Gunn might be interested!!

 So there I was contemplating on if I should get a Twitter account or not. You see I'm that old guy thats pretty set in his way. Programming my home theater system took me ages to finish, let alone know how to work it without looking at my scribbled notes. Anyway, I figured why not, maybe one of these guys I write about can one day reply to a query of mine.

MATCH REPORT: Carli de Murga/Racing Portuense/Tercera Division, Spain(4th Tier)

Nov 1 2011  Córdoba II  2-0  Racing Portuense

Without Carli and playing an away game, RCP just could not match the speed and quality of the Córdoba II team. The game started out with RCP relaxed and competitive. As the RCP players were all primed and ready to play, with a fair number of shots on goal, yet they could not find the back of the net. This has been the problem for them all season long.  By the end of the 1st half the opponent made them pay when they were not quick enough on defense. 0-1 before the end of the half.

The second half saw a surprising trend as RCP controlled the majority of the ball, yet the speed of the opponent saw them quickly counter attacking with a number of good shots. Though again, RCP's problems with finishing shots shown for all to see. The second goal came after the 90th minute. Another bitter loss for RCP.

MATCH REPORT: Rob Gier/Ascot United/Uhlsport Hellenic Premier League, United Kingdom(9th tier)

Nov 1 2011  Ascot United  0-4  Binfield
County Cup

It was a very ugly home loss for Rob Gier's Yellamen as it was embarrassed in the 1st round of the Berks & Bucks Senior Trophy games. The first half saw the Yellamen very competitive but
when the half time bell rang, they were already trailing.

MATCH REPORT: Stephan Schröck/SpVgg Greuther Fürth/2.Bundesliga, Germany(2nd Tier)

Nov 1 2011  Greuther Fürth  1-3  Eintracht Braunschweig

Stephan's Cloverleafs finally comes back down to earth and loses a league game. Perhaps it was a portent to come when at the very 1st minute the visiting team had a great shot on Greuther Fürth's goal. It must have shook the home team for at the 25th minute, the visitors were finally on the score board 0-1. Until the end of the first half the Cloverleafs struggle to find its game.

MATCH REPORT: Jason De Jong/Jong FC Dordrecht(or youth/reserve), Netherlands(youth league)

Oct 31 2011  Jong FC Dordrecht  0-3  Jong Willem II

Jason de Jong's youth team loses another one, this time against Willem II youth team. With this loss, the 'Sheepshead' is 6th out of 6 teams in their youth league. Their record is 1 win, 6 loss and 1 draw.

Monday, October 31, 2011

MATCH REPORT: Kevin Ingreso/Hamburger SV/1.Bundesliga, Germany(1st Tier)

Kevin is top left. This is the HSV U19 team 2011/12
Oct 30 2011  Hamburger SV  1-1  Kaiserslautern

Its the week of the upset fom the struggling teams of our Filipino-foreigners, as Kevin's HSV plays to a draw a better team and with only 10 men! Once again HSV puts itself in a hole by having one of its players get a Red card at an early 22nd minute. Although the defense put up a good fight in the first half, only allowing a goal in the 38th minute.

MANNY OTT from German team Ingolstadt II will make it to the SEA games!!

MATCH REPORT: Jerry Lucena/AGF Aarhus/Superliga, Denmark(1st Tier)

Jerry with team mates after the game
Oct 30 2011  AGF  2-0  HB Køge

Jerry and his AGF team played at home and defeated the now and still last place HB Køge. The action started at the 13th minute when Jerry Lucena booted a long pass to the box but the recipient was just a step too slow. The home team eventually struck first in the 31st minute, 1-0 to AGF.

MATCH REPORT: Dennis Cagara/Lyngby BK/AGF Aarhus/Superliga, Denmark(1st Tier)

Dennis at left after the tremendous win.
Oct 30 2011  Nordsjælland  0-1  Lyngby

The "Royal Blues" of Cagara, started the game with all guns blazing. Though there were new faces in Lyngbys' starting rotation and even an 18 year old, their defense showed why they are one of the leagues best although they are in 11th and last place, as it totally throttled the very very strong Superliga 2nd placer.

MATCH REPORT: Manny Ott/Ingolstadt II/Regionalliga Sud(south), Germany(4th Tier)

Oct 30 2011  Nürnberg II  1-3  Ingolstadt II

Manny Ott and his Ingolstadt II team wins an away game and remain one of the better team in the Regionalliga South league. From the beginning Manny's team appeared to be the better team. But they could not find the back of the net. Through a rough foul the home team were awarded with a Penalty Kick, score 1-0 for at the 49th minute.

MATCH REPORT: Roland Müller/MSV Duisburg/2.Bundesliga, Germany(2nd Tier)

RM in the LTC 2011
Oct 30 2011  MATCH REPORT: MSV Duisburg  0-3  TSV 1860 München

Despite having home pitch advantage, the floundering Zebras' fall flat against 1860 München. The positive vibe in the stadium was quickly deflated when in the 4th minute the away team scored from a deflection off of a Zebra player, 0-1.

MATCH REPORT: Patrick Hinrichsen/SV Darmstadt 98 II/Verbansliga Group Süd(South), Germany(6th Tier)

Oct 30 2011  SV Darmstadt 98 II  0-2  FV Bad Vilbel 

Patrick Hinrichsen's Darmstadt II unexpectedly lost a home game against middle of the pack team, FV Bad Vibel. SV D being one of the more elite teams of this league was flat all game long. Its normally superior offense were blanked and its more pedestrian defense played well enough to secure a 0-0 score after the 1st half.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

MATCH REPORT: Mark Drinkuth/DJK Agon 08 Dü-dorf/Bezirksliga Group 1, Germany(8th Tier)

All the way to the top and all the way to your right!
Oct 30 2011  Düsseldorfer SC 99  1-2  DJK Agon 08 Dü-dorf

Mark's DJK Agon continues it steady climb to the top of the league as it wins an away game. Though Mark himself was not available for the game and the team only suited up 15 players, they never the less defeated an up and coming team, the Düsseldorfer SC 99.

TEAM REPORT: Simon Greatwich/Hartwick College NCAA Div 1 (USA)

Oct 29 2011  Hartwick Hawks  4-4  Western Michigan Broncos

The Hartwick Hawks squanders a 4-2 lead in the second half and settles for a tie. The Hawks were clearly the aggressors in the first half as they scored first in the 7th minute. With Simon being the instigator for the first goal. The second goal in the half was made in the 34th minute from a free kick. by the break the score was 2-0 for the home team.

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