Friday, September 21, 2012


So it's final then, Ray Jónsson's UMF  Grindavík is, or rather will be relegated to the 1.Dield for the next(2013) season. Unlike last year when the team was saved by the "skin-of-their-teeth" that same luck would not continue on to this season.

To be blunt, the team was woeful any way you look at it. And, though they actually have two more games to play, winning them will still give the team the least wins in the ÚRVALSDEILD, Icelands premier football league. Their last two fixtures are:

24-09-12 Valur  vs  Grindavík
29-09-12 Grindavík  vs  Fylkir

As it stands today, Grindavík has a record of 2-5-13, and though they scored 28 goals(which is just about average) their defense was absolutely horrible as they surrendered 51! The next worse defensive team only allowed 37 goals, fourteen less than Grindavík.

If the team somehow wins their last two games, it would still not be enough as the second to last team already has 6 wins to it's credit.

But things are not all doom and gloom for our 33yo hero! Ray has had a career renaissance of sort (MORE HERE). He has played a total of 1746 minutes of pitch time(with 2 more games to go). Out of 20 games, he has started 18 and subbed in once. Not since 2009 has he played more! 

Ray should be available after his last game if he is willing to join the Azkals again. This bodes well for our middle east camp, but more importantly our Suzuki Cup hopes. Our once suspect depth at left back is now less of a problem with Ray's availability and Jeffrey Christiaen's continued improvement, oh and don't forget the probable participation of our young and new recruits, Omphroy and Uy.  

By the way according to one European source, Ray's contract will end on Oct 16, 2012. I wonder if any UFL team would be interested in "localizing" this Azkal mainstay? Yes I realize Dennis Cagara is probably better, but availability is always iffy and Jeffrey Christiaens, without a doubt is fitting in nicely at left back. But, say, against a team similar to a Kuwait or Bahrain, wouldn't you feel just a bit more comfortable having a seasoned pro at the helm than someone still learning his position? Oh and don't forget he too is positionally very versatile as he usually plays as a midfielder for Grindavík. 

Just sayin'...

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