Thursday, September 20, 2012

ANGEL GUIRADO'S Salgaocar FC wins 1st game of the Indian Fed Cup

Angel Guirado/Salgaocar FC/Indian League/India(1st tier)

Today was Salgaocar FC's first game after signing Angel Guirado. It was a Federation(Indian) Cup match against fellow I-League team and big transfer market spender, Prayag United SC.

The "Fed Cup" as it is more commonly known, is a yearly knockout style competition. It is the second most important competition in India after the I-League championship. The winner of the Fed Cup gets an invite to the prestigious and continental, AFC Cup. Salgaocar is the current Fed Cup champions.

The result? Angels Salgaocar FC wins with a score of 1-0. The next fixtures will be on:

22-09-12 vs United Sikkim
24-09-12 vs Pune FC

Unfortunately, it seems Angel, though a prized signing for the club, did not play in the game. See game roster below.

20.09.2012(Gr. D): : SALGAOCAR SC   1-0   PRAYAG UNITED SC (JRD - FT..) 
Salgaocar: Anthony D Souza 65' 
Prayag USC: Subrata, Deepak, Bello, Gourmangi, Sukhen, Lalkamal, Asif k., M.Tulunga, Gouranga, Ranti, Carlos. 
Salgaocar: Karanjeet, Luciano, Colaco, Rahul, Collin, Francis, Jacob, Randeep, Milagres, Rooney, Antony. 

Game roster from:
*At this time this is the only game roster available, Angel may have substituted in or might not have been present during the game at all.

Here is a good pre game article about this Fed Cup match:

Here is another Indian article featuring our very own Angel Guirado: 

A new source has informed me that Angel indeed played in the game but was subbed out by Milagres. Rest assured I'll keep trying to find an official game roster. Thank you also to @suplado1217 aka Evan Martin Mercado for the info!

Things aren't getting easier?! According to these articles, Guirado was no where to be seen on the pitch:

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