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How much is an Azkal worth, the 2013 edition.

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One of the most popular blogs I've ever produced is last years transfer market( here ) amount for our foreign based Azkal players, so I thought I'd update for you curious sort.

The amount for these players are from a German transfer market site. Take everything with a grain of salt especially with our "lower" ranked players, they might not be accurate.

The good news and the bad

The bad news: All our current players went down in value.

The good news: It really doesn't matter, they are still OUR Azkals.

Once again, these are mostly foreign based players as the UFL is basically BELOW the radar of these European nations. Curiously, there are some UFL players that do have a number or value. How they were able to quantify them is a mystery to me. Lastly don't argue about their TM amount, I didn't make them up. Enjoy.

Guirado, Ángel - no value as of now

Guirado, Juan Luis - E25,000

Reichelt, Patrick - E25,000

Jónsson, Ray - E25,000

Ott, Manny - E50,000

Christiaens, Jeffrey - E50,000

Gier, Rob - E50,000

Cagara, Dennis - E100,000

Wolf, Denis - E100,000

Omphroy, Demitrius - E100,000

Mulders, Paul - E200,000

Müller, Roland - E250,000

Lucena, Jerry - E250,000

Steuble, Martin - E425,000

Etheridge, Neil - E500,000

Patiño, Javier - E500,000

Stephan Schröck - E1,000,000

Local based Azkals

Bahadoran, Misagh - E50,000

Younghusband, Phil - E50,000

Younghusband, James - E75,000

Someone who's currently looking for a UFL gig(seriously leave me a note if you want more info)

Rota, Simone - E200,000 

*If I forgot anyone or you've got a request for a TM value on a certain Filipino player leave a message, I'll try to check on it. Peace!

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